Excel to Razl script generator

16 september 2016

Do you want to transfer Sitecore items from one to another Sitecore instance quickly? The Suneco Excel to Razl script generator makes your live easier. Want to know how? Read this blog!

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Building aliases on website level in Sitecore

22 oktober 2014

We at Suneco are specialized in building multiple websites in one Sitecore instance. In that process I often ask myself the question “why does this only work on Sitecore instance level and not on a website level?”

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Sitecore Federated Experience Manager: Experiences from other sites.

07 oktober 2014

On the first day of the Sitecore Symposium 2014 in Barcelona, Stephen Pope gave a great presentation about a new feature that will really make all Sitecore users and especially marketers happy.

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JavaScript and CSS bundles in Sitecore 7

25 juni 2014

Are you experiencing slow load times of your website? Do you use a lot of JavaScript libraries and CSS files?

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SGM Part 2 - Conditional Pipelines and Events

30 mei 2014

When multiple websites are running within one Sitecore instance, it is important that they do not conflict with each other. This applies especially for Pipelines, Events, Save Processors, etc.

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Suneco Governance model part 1 - Logging

23 mei 2014

When consulting customers that already have running websites on Sitecore. Most time I get the question : “Jeroen can you look at the following message from our Sitecore log file.

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